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Umundurowanie, oporządzenie... - Bitwa nad Sommą (1916)

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PostWysłany: Wto 22:52, 19 Sie 2014    Temat postu: Umundurowanie, oporządzenie... - Bitwa nad Sommą (1916)

Zestawienie rodem z "The Telegraph"
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

1 Hob nail boots
2 Puttees (for binding trousers around lower legs)
3 Socks
4 Shirt and vest
5 Gas mask container
6 Gas mask
7 Non Commissioned ranks hat
8 Notebook and service warrant card
9 Battledress tunic – note stripes on sleeve denote rank
10 Mess tins
11 Tin opener and can of food, appears to be tinned stewed apple
12 Oxo cubes
13 Bar of chocolate
14 Bar of soap
15 Water flask
16 Belt
17 Leather belt with leather pouches for kit
18 Haversack
19 Longjohn under garments, battledress trousers and braces
20 Boot polish and two brushes
21 Blankets
22 Dog tags – imprinted with name, rank and service number
23 Trench club – for breaking heavy ground for trenching into and for fighting the enemy at close quarters
24 Entrenching tool handle; often the handle was customised with lumps of metal and made into a trench club
25 Leather pouch for entrenching tool
26 Field dressing
27 Cigarettes and matches
28 Mess kit containing knife, fork spoon, shaving brush, soap and brass button polisher (slid underneath battledress button to protect BD from polish)
29 Polish
30 Razor
31 Gun oil
32 Cloth for pull-through for cleaning barrels internally
33 Bullet
34 Ammunition belt, containing clips of bullets
35 Penknife and pull through cord
36 Entrenching tool spade; sometimes soldiers sharpened the edges of the spade and used these to fight
37 Lee Enfield 303 bolt action rifle. It was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century as an attempt to create a standard rifle for both the infantry and soldiers on horseback. As it turned out it was ideally suited to conditions in the trenches – it wasn’t good at firing over long distances, but was really robust and could stand up to the mud. It was still used right up into the 1950s.
38 Bayonet – to be attached to fore end of rifle
39 Helmet – with cover
40 Fob watch, personal effects. Officers tended to have pocket watches more so than infantry soldiers
41 Coins – possibly local francs or similar, personal effects
42 Scabbard for bayonet, worn on leather belt around waist over hip
43 5 round ammunition clips – ready to load magazine of 303 rifle

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Kangur AIF

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PostWysłany: Pon 21:29, 15 Wrz 2014    Temat postu:

Spokojnie Piotrze, za jakiś czas i my się czymś podobnym pochwalimy Wink

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